Thank you for your vote.



I am Barbara Arradondo, a member of the Wesley Lakes Board of Directors, serving as Secretary asking your vote for re-election. I, was a member of the Wesley Lakes, Welcoming Committee for several years until it was disbanded around 2003 - 2004. September 2016, I was elected to the Board and became Secretary. I enjoy being involved with the community and assisting in keeping the community and our property values to high standards. Voting community events and projects; and/or voting to approve or disapprove homeowners request by always keeping in mind the Covenant and By-Laws. I am a retired soldier, served as a paralegal/court reporter, United States Army, Judge Advocate General's Office. I would like to continue serving you.

Hello everyone, my name is Mr. Mitchell J. Mormon.  I have lived here in the Wesley Lakes Community since 2010.  My wife Gloria Mormon and I have been married 38 years.  We were blessed with three beautiful children, sadly our oldest son was murdered in November 12, 2016. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.  I really enjoy living in and supporting this community.  I have served on this HOA Board for the last six years.  While serving on the board, I voiced my opinion on decisions that effectively help make this community a great place to live. I am a native of the state of Virginia.  I am a Retired Advance Medical Support Assistant for the Department of Veteran Affairs my second retirement, a Certified Counselor, Life Coach and a Licensed Minister with Tabernacle of Praise Church International. I am a Retired U. S. Army Veteran.  I proudly served my country.  While serving in the U. S. Army,  I received many service ribbons and medals, however, the one I am most proud of is the Meritorious Service Medal which is the highest award given during peace time. I’ve faced and conquered incredible challenges in my life, however, my faith and trust in God is what gave me the strength and power to overcome each of those challenges. I would be honored to serve on the HOA Board and continue my services to this community.


My name is Terrelyn (Andrea) Hyde, my family and I have lived in Wesley lakes Oxford Subdivision since May of 1994. I have been married to my husband over 37 years. We are blessed with 4 children. I attended Miles College in Birmingham Alabama, and have been blessed to work in the Computer information technology field for over 30 years now. Currently employed as a Senior Technical Analyst with T-Mobile Atlanta Corporate Office for almost 14 years. Prior to T-Mobile I worked for MCI Telecommunication (Now Verizon) for 3 years (Network Support Engineer), Hewlett-Packard Atlanta Corporate Office for 14 years (UNIX Support Engineer).

I would like to Volunteer to serve on “Wesley Lakes/ Oxford Downs HOA Board” to help preserve our community’s property, and be an effective voice to address the needs and wants of our fellow homeowners. By working with the board to make changes to better the community as a whole, as I sincerely passion and want to make a difference in the community that I have been BLESSED to stay in since May of 1994. Also I feel the community can benefit from my over 30 years of Computer Information Technology skills I have to offer, along with my experience in communications, being civic-minded, impartial and detail oriented. Some of my hobbies may also be an enhancement or help to our association, as I love landscaping, designing /event planning, and making personal and business flyers. Below are some key reasons why I want volunteer to be on the Board:


To try and correct some of the problems within our community by reaching out and getting other homeowners to volunteer on projects/work that need to be addressed in our subdivision.  


To have fun accomplishing things around our community together with my neighbors. Being on the Board doesn’t always have to be negative.


To be creative on ways to save the HOA money. While offering opinions on solutions to our communities day to day issues and problems.