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Courtney Anderson is a public housing professional with more than two decades of varied experience in federally-subsidized housing programs and private residential housing. A well-rounded property manager, administrator and public relations officer, Courtney is also a licensed Realtor® in the state of Georgia. For the past six years, Courtney has operated and managed Twilight Housing Solutions, LLC. a small, minority-owned consulting firm providing technical support to public housing agencies throughout the United States and also to privately owned rental communities. He has worked closely with public officials to help pass national and state-wide housing laws and served many years as a Fair Housing Tester in his native state of Connecticut. Mr. Anderson is a certified Public Housing Manager (PHM), an Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) and is a certified Section 8 Inspector (HQS). Currently, Mr. Anderson resides in McDonough, Georgia with his wife Tamicka and his two daughters Christian and Chasity. He also has three adult children and on Thanksgiving Day 2019 was blessed with his first grandchild Chérie.

My name is Lawrence Bryant, and I am running for re-election as a member of Wesley Lakes Board of Directors.  Why am I running again?  Because I enjoy making a difference in my community.  Since moving to Wesley Lakes, I have worked in some capacity as a member of the Community.  I first started on the Maintenance Committee doing small jobs at the clubhouses and organizing neighborhood clean-ups.  I then transition over to Secretary for a number of years, then I worked as the Vice President and eventually President.  No matter the position, I served proudly and worked tirelessly to improve our community.  Every decision, every vote to approve or disapprove was made with the community in mind.  Not only for the present but for the future.  We want to maximize our home value.  The only way to do that is to have people in position who will look out for every homeowner in a personal way.  That person is me.  Many of you I have communicated with me while walking through the sub-division or via Facebook or Next-door.  I’m a retired United States Army soldier, married with two children.  I’m currently employed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Communication Security Manager and Security Specialist.   I’m a family man who enjoy time with his family.  I also consider Wesley Lakes and each homeowner as family.  I’m asking for your vote so that we can continue to build up our community in a way that make you and I proud to call Wesley Lakes home.

I am Charita Humphrey, a current Board member seeking re-election. I currently have served the last 2 years at the Treasurer and have worked to address past financial challenges.  We have decreased the amount of unpaid homeowners by 25% and have increased our reserve account to be in a better financial position.  I have been in the community for 20 years and part of the Board off and on since 2004.  I think it is important to be part of the community, whether is internally or the local government level--I think we all have something to contribute whether it is time, talents or encouragement. While being on the Board, I still have time to participate in my church activities as well as other civic duties.

Howard Singletary is a retired Sergeant Major in the United States Army and have lived in the community for 20 years.  I have served as the President of the WLCA Board for the last 2 years.  One of my main focuses was ensuring we are maintaining the value of our homes by following covenants and working to ensure our facilities stay in working order for all to enjoy.  Under the Shiloh Baptist Church Ministries, I am n charge of the Boys to Men Mentoring Program to keep young men out of jail.  I attend court with them, speak on their behalf about taking responsibility to keep them from jail time.  I was involved with the Boy Scouts of America for 8 years as a Scout Master. I served on the Board of Directors of my prior subdivision before moving to Wesley Lakes.